About Us:

Creative Strategies Pty. Ltd.   (ABN  43 001 662 424)

WebWise Services Division

Creative Strategies was founded in 1971 as a developer of intellectual property in the field of electronics and information technology.

We have acted as a consultant on computer systems projects to industry, government and defence over many years. 

We have been heavily involved in the internet field for over twenty years, during this time we have advised customers on many issues to do with internet security, networking, software and system design.

Our new WebWise service is designed to help customers overcome problems to do with maintaining their identity on the internet over long periods of time. 

Our WebWise Services help customers avoid many of the traps for the unwary that the internet holds for us all.

Old internet e-mail and web-site addresses hang around the internet for years and can come back to haunt the unwary, often people conclude that someone has gone out of business or died because e-mails to an old e-mail address bounce back to the sender.

Our service starts the internet user off with an identity that can be maintained over many years and is static regardless who and where your Internet Service Provider is. We can also give our customers  the ability to have temporary identities in situations likely to attract junk e-mails, these temporary identities can be changed regularly.

We are located in Mona Vale NSW but our presence is World Wide.

You too can be WebWise using our skills and services.

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Be WebWise with our WebWise services.