Are you a Victim of the ISP 'Gotcha':
Are you angry with your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) but can't leave them because loosing your e-mail address will cause you damage and a lot of inconvenience ?

Has your ISP done any of the following to make you want to leave them for a better ISP ? : -

  • Unilaterally Changed the contract terms and conditions.
  • Unilaterally Changed the acceptable use terms and conditions.
  • Reduced the scope of their services.
  • Become a Microsoft only supporter and left your software unsupported.
  • Changed their prices to new customers but not you.
  • Failed to keep their charges in line with the current trends from other ISPs.
  • Discontinued your favourite News groups.
  • Kept you on the phone for hours for the simplest of help.
  • Sold you a 'Low Cost'  broadband plan that costs far more than you were told.
  • Provided you terrible connection speeds and download rates.
  • Had you spend hours unnecessarily re-installing software when the problem was in their system.
  • Has what you consider to be incompetent help-desk people.
  • Charge you incorrectly and fail to resolve charging disputes.
  • And the many many other things we've not listed here.

If so you're a victim of the ISP 'GOTCHA' now is the time to act.  Get yourself an internet identity that you own and is portable. Seamlessly phase this in to ultimately handle all your internet communication traffic. When you're ready give your dud ISP the flick and loose nothing.


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