Legal Stuff - Terms and Conditions of Service:
It's all very simple really: We'll try to do an excellent job for you and we will respect your privacy. Registrations and renewals last for 12 months. You'll be responsible for your own actions and choices and agree to our terms and conditions. Things can go wrong occasionally, but we think we have most eventualities covered. You can dump us if you're not happy. If you misbehave we'll dump you.  - The detail follows:

Your privacy is assured, we give no one our e-mail address lists or any other information about our customers unless we are directed to do so by legal police warrant or the order of a court of law.

Our policy is all care in what we do, but no responsibility for customer choices. We do not check and have no way of knowing if a name you choose and we register is unencumbered as intellectual property, by prior use or ownership in other ways, or by copyright.

Responsibility for any legal repercussions for names customers have us register is totally theirs. Customers must recognise that registering for use on the internet a name in current use by a big multi-national company or an internationally famous identity could cause that name to be later taken from them by the international internet names registrar. This may or may not be at the direction of a court of law and have attendant legal costs.

We will always use our best efforts on your behalf but our total liability to you is no more that whatever you have paid us for the services in question. If you find legitimate fault with our services we offer you the ability cancel them and have the moneys for the cancelled services refunded.  Cancellations will result in the immediate cessation of any domain names and e-mail addresses involved in the cancelled services unless  preservation arrangements are made. We reserve the right to pro-rate cancellation refunds after an elapsed time of one month.

Where a customer desires to transfer their domain name to another registrar during the currency of its registration we will facilitate this transfer by unlocking the name and replying positively to the release request to enable the transfer. This is our entire obligation in the transfer. All costs for such other work as may be necessary or requested will be borne by the customer. Upon initiation of the transfer all e-mail and forwarding services in our care will cease to exist.

Cancellations for convenience or because of customer dissatisfaction with their own choices are not possible after we have performed the requested services. The period of our normal registration service is 12  months, after that time the registrations will lapse and cease to exist unless renewed. Registration renewals are  for a period of 12 months.

The customer will be given a renewal notice for our services 60 days before the registrations are due to expire. Un-renewed registrations and services will cease to exist as of 12.00 pm on the expiry date. We cannot give any latitude in this matter it is in accordance with international internet names procedures.  If the name a customer fails to renew is on a 'names wanted' waiting list it will be gone to another applicant within minutes of its expiry.

The services associated with the re-direction of internet users to a customers web space/page and the forwarding of e-mails to their intended forwarding address are hosted on computers in various parts of the world linked together by the internet. Computers malfunction and internet communications links fail this results in interruptions to normal services, we accept no responsibility for delays or losses caused by these events.

We are your internet  registration 'who-is' proxy to assure your privacy in internet name ownership registers. For these purposes we hold the name in trust for you. It is incumbent upon you to deal with your registered name or names in our trust as their owner and hold us in respect of our trust free from all third party claims and liabilities. 

Force Majeure: our services rely on the proper functioning of equipment and services procured from international third party providers. These providers have been carefully chosen and have given us every reason to accept them as being safe and reliable and securely located. We have put in place contingency plans that cover the failures of these third parties due to riot, war, civil unrest, terrorism, or cessation of business. The invocation of a contingency plan may require us to move services to other operators in different locations with attendant set-up charges and differing cost structures. These charges, although expected to be minor, shall be borne by our customers wishing to preserve and continue their services. Contingency charges will be proportioned amongst customers on a  pro-rate basis. Invocation of contingency plans may involve service delays, disruptions and minor change.

 Customer ownership and registration duration of internet names we hold in trust is unlikely to be affected by our exercise of a contingency plan. These records exist in many places.

Customers using our services for illicit or illegal purposes or for the generation of junk e-mail or distribution of prohibited material will be terminated without further notice if they fail to heed the one-and-only warning they will be given.

Web-pages stored in our storage spaces must not contain Illegal, Illicit, lewd or obscene content, or provide direct access to that content.  Material in violation of copyright laws, hate material, or get-rich-quick and pyramid marketing schemes are also banned. Mini-site web pages in our storage space must present a minimal server-side processing load. We shall be the sole judge of the suitability of all material destined for our  web-space storage. Please check with us first if you have any doubts about material you wish to use in our storage space. Sites found to use a disproportionate share of server-side resources or communications load will be taken-down after one warning if the problem is not corrected.

Customer privacy is of prime importance to us but we have no choice but to comply with directions and warrants from police and other statutory authorities. We keep no records of customer affairs other than application forms,  letters and renewal notices forming the normal course of business between ourselves and the customer.

All personal information given to us, is to the best of our ability, fully protected from disclosure in accordance with the requirements of the NSW and Federal Government Privacy Legislation.

We reserve the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time.

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