Be WebWise: Own your own e-mail and web-site addresses.

We can provide you with an internet identity that you own and can take with you to any Internet Service  Provider (ISP) in any country of the world. This identity has two parts: a website part '' and an e-mail part ''.

 Your own internet address gives you freedom to move  your internet account between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) without loosing your valuable e-mail address. Normally when you take the services of an ISP you get an e-mail address allocated by them, it will generally take the form of The '' part is fixed, it belongs to the ISP, the 'me' part will be a name chosen by you from the names not already taken by the ISP's other users, if you have a common name it will be unavailable, your choices are limited to a compromise name.

 Our services provide you with portable '' * e-mail addresses that are always yours regardless of who your ISP is. You can have up to five 'me' names or five different e-mail addresses. 'me' part is not a compromise it's exactly what you want. The domain name '' may be a compromise if the name you want to use has been already allocated by the international registrar, but nonetheless the name is yours as long as you keep its registration renewed.

Your own '' * website can be stored in the free web-page storage space offered by most  ISPs. Most ISP's charge hefty fees to actually host your domain name on their site. Our services get around this charge by hosting your domain name in a domain parking-lot and sending references to it to your free web-page. Similarly your e-mails to '' are redirected to the e-mail address allocated to your by your ISP, you can use more than one ISP if you wish. 

We can also provide you with 'throw-away' e-mail addresses you can use when you need to give an e-mail address to someone you don't know or register for some internet services likely to get you onto a junk-mail list. We destroy and replace these throw-away ''* addresses at your request when their useful life is over.

  * Subject to your name being available in the international name registry. In any event you can choose something close and suitable that is available. You can choose within the .com .net .org  domain groups. Business customers can also register .biz domains.

Be WebWise with our WebWise services.