WebWise Services Price List:
Besides the basic service, we offer a similar service to people who already have a internet name registered and want to reduce the costs of having it active. If there are other services you need talk to us about your requirements. 
Service Type  First Year Renewal *
Basic service $155 $55
Basic Service with .com.au domain name $198 $98
Forwarding only service with existing .com.au $85 $85
Forwarding only service with existing .com etc $75 $75
Forwarding only service with existing .com etc **  $75 $55
Extra e-mail addresses for any of the above $4 ea $4 ea
Upload Single Page to web-page storage space $15 -
Upload Multi-page site to web-page storage space  (from $45/hour) Ask Ask
Mini-site storage space (needs our upload service) $3.50/Mb $3.50/Mb
Low cost web hosting  CGI etc. 50Mb space 10 Gb/mo xfer.
Domain Name included. (.com .net .org .biz .info)
from $180 from $180
Webmaster technical services (from $45/hour) Ask Ask

Forwarding only services have five e-mail addresses and web-page re-direction to your free web-page.

A one megabyte (1 Mb)  'mini-site' storage space will  comfortably hold our entire WebWise site. Photos and drawings can use a lot of storage space, as a rough-guide they can be compressed to about one quarter of the space they use in their raw form in your computer if they remain the same dimensions. Making them dimensionally smaller can reduce them to 10% of the original size and still give respectable images for the internet.

Prices in Australian Dollars GST inclusive
Renewals are for 12 months

** Requires a change of registrar 
* Cost based on current internet names registrar pricing.

Be WebWise using our WebWise services.