The Basic WebWise package:

The first year is only $155 and you get all the following: 

  • The domain name of your choice registered (eg *
  • Five e-mail addresses (eg, suggest at least two of these be 'throw-away'. 
  • Mail re-direction for the e-mail addresses you've chosen so it goes to your local ISP e-mail address.
  • Your "" website redirected to the free webpage storage space provided by your ISP.
  • The  redirection is 'cloaked' so that the final web-site storage address is not obvious.
  • The up-loadable files for a one page web-site.**
  • On your one page web-site we include a spam-bot safe e-mail link. (spam-bots trawl  internet web-sites looking for valid e-mail addresses for junk-mailouts).
  • The option of having us up-load your free web page to its internet storage space and verify that it is operational for a small additional charge.
  • Two free changes of throw-away e-mail addresses each year.
  • One free change of ISP each year.
  • Contact detail anonymity about your website, we proxy the 'who-is' details to give you complete privacy and freedom from 'who-is' probe junk-mail.
 ** This is made-up from information you supply to us. We need from you: Heading text, A photograph and one 50 word paragraph of text. Click here to see a sample one-page site. 

From then on the annual renewal fee is just $55 per year*.
* At current international internet registrar prices.  (all prices include GST)
* subject to availability and rules of the international internet names registrar.

Be WebWise using our WebWise services.