What To Do - Just four simple steps:

Initially the customer needs to make a few decisions and then follow some very simple steps to give us the information we need to do the necessary work properly and quickly. Because our service is considerably more that just registering a domain name it can't all be automatically done on-line.

Step 1 - Select the domain name you would like registered:

The hardest part of the customer job is the selection of the identity you want to use on the internet. Some of your selections will be constrained by the fact that the name you want to use has been previously registered. You can generally resolve these problems by the use of extra letters, initials or hyphens in the name to make it unique on the web. You can also use the other domains, if you initially could not get what you want on the .com domain you can try the .org or .net domains. Businesses can also try the .biz domain which is subject to 'business only' rules.

The Australian Domains .com.au, .net.au, .org.au can also be used but are allocated by an Australian registration cartel which makes them very expensive compared to the names we can register with the international internet name registrar in the USA. 

The .xxx.au domains also have rules about the names you can register, the names must be yours to use by virtue of a trade relationship or you actually own the name. 

We can do all the same things for these Australian names that we can do for the International names but the costs are much higher.

A few rules must be followed when choosing a domain name:

  • A maximum of 63 characters long.
  • Use only letters, numbers, or dash (-)
  • Cannot begin or end with a dash
  • Domain names are not case sensitive
  • Domain names cannot include spaces

Now search for a domain name you can use. Our Domain Name search engine will allow  to see if the name you want is available and you can experiment with names you may want to use if your first try name is already taken.

Click this button to go to our domain name search engine:  

Step 2 - Select a second-choice domain name:
 Hundreds of domain  names are registered each day, just because a domain name was available when you checked does not mean that it is not pending for someone else.  So check some alternate names as well just in case your first choice is taken when we try to register it. We would like you to give us at least one alternative name.
Step 3 - Get information from your ISP
If you don't have a some free web-space in your current Internet plan from your ISP and you want a website or step 3 is too much of a hassle we can provide the 'mini-site' storage space and maintain it for you for a very modest annual fee - just skip to step 4 and put "your space" in the "my FTP is at:" field.
 We need some information about the location of your free web-space, you'll need to get this from your ISP by e-mail or looking it up on their website.

Some example site-storage addresses follow:-
bigpond.net.au :



You will note in the above examples that bigpond.net does not use your login name (my-name), it uses a name you allocate (my-webspace) when you add the free webspace to your account.

The next thing we need to know is the Internet address of your  free web-page storage space for file transfer purposes. This is the address used to up-load your web pages to your web-site. It is different from the web- site storage address because it needs a password to access it.

The information is sent to the storage space using FTP- File Transfer Protocol.

Some example FTP addresses follow:-



If you wish us to transfer a page to your free web-space we will also need to know the password to enable  the FTP transfer. Often this is your account password, once we have done the transfer we'd advise you to change the password.

The only other detail we need is where  you want the e-mails to your new domain name to go. Usually this is to your e-mail address at your current ISP but we can make it go to another address at the same time if you have one.


Step 4 - Send us the completed Requirements form
Your  last little task is to fill-out a customer requirements form, this defines what we need to do to full-fill your wishes, it needs the information from the above tasks, the e-mail names you want on your five e-mail addresses and some other information.

We would advise you to reserve one or two e-mail addresses as junk-mail traps you can use when you need to give an e-mail address to an unknown person for a one-time transaction or to register some product or for some internet access that will return you a password or unlock-code by e-mail. Often such things can get the e-mail address you use onto a junk e-mail (Spam) list.

You will also need to have available for us the material you want on your one page web-site.

 You'll need a photo, the text for a heading, and some text to go under the photo. We will e-mail the completed web-page back to you for you to up-load, or for a small fee we will up-load it for you.

Shortly after receipt of the requirements form we will make personal contact with you regarding your payment options and to make arrangement to get the material for your web page. Should you have any other requirements we would be happy to discuss them at this time and answer any other questions you may have.

 Click this button to get the requirements form:


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