The WebWise Service - Why you'd need it:
Did you know your e-mail address is your internet identity, it gets you judged by your peers and business contacts, it can give you prestige - or worse, take it away ? 
  • Do you want a prestigious internet Identity that will potentially last a lifetime.
  • Do you want to build on your identity for career or business purposes.
  • Might you want to move around the world and have a stable internet identity.
  • Are you locked into an ISP* because you don't want to loose your Identity.
  • Do you worry about telling hundreds of people your new identity if you change ISPs.
  • Would a change to a new ISP cost you a fortune in new stationery and forms.
  • Ever changed ISPs and lost friends and contacts because their e-mails to you bounced.
  • Has registering software or for services got you onto many internet junk-mail lists.
  • Have the internet activities of your children or family attracted a deluge of junk-mail.
  • Are you paying far too much for internet services because you are afraid to change ISPs.
  • Would you like your own mini web-site in the free web-space from your ISP.
  • Would you like to start to build a world-wide presence on the internet.
  • Names in the prestigious .com domain will be scarce soon, get one now or miss out.
  • Or are you just a victim of the ISP 'Gotcha'.

At last you've found a service that puts you in control of your Internet future, we specialise in helping people create identities for a lifetime on the internet. 

* ISP = Internet Service Provider

Be WebWise and avoid Web-Woes.